Enduring Understandings:

You will understand that...

  • Israel is the Jewish homeland and has been for 4,000 years

  • Israel is a vibrant democracy in a troubled region

  • Israel is an ancient land and a high-tech giant

Essential Questions:

What do you think?

  • How is Israel both a Jewish state and a democratic state?

  • How can Israel be both a homeland for the Jews and a welcoming country to all peoples?

  • How is Israel's diversity a source of strength?

I can identify the Israel flag and the magen David

This is a picture of the Israeli flag. The Israeli flag has two blue stripes and a Magen David, a Star of David in the middle. The two blue stripes may remind you of another Jewish symbol that we wear when we pray. Can you figure out what symbol the Israeli flag reminds us of? Click here to jump back up to our Living Jewishly section from earlier this year to refresh your memory.


The star in the middle is called a מָגֵן דָּוִד (Magen David), which means "Shield of David" - we usually call it the Star of David. Some people think that King David had a shield in the shape of a star.

Let's play a game with the shape of the מָגֵן דָּוִד. 


Create your own flag of Israel. You can use any materials you'd like. Just don't forget the two blue stripes and the Magen David.


I can show my understanding that Israel is the homeland of the Jews and is also the home to many different types of people from all over the world

Israel has been a home for Jews for thousands of years. In fact, God promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that Jews would always have a home in Israel. But Jews aren't the only ones living in Israel. There are lots of different kinds of people living there: Muslims, Christians, Druze and many more. Kululam brings people of all backgrounds and beliefs together to sing. Watch the video below and see how many different types of people you can find. Can you tell if they are Jewish, Christian or Muslim? What languages do you hear?

I can show my understanding that Israel is a country in which every person is free to live as they choose and practice their own beliefs

Israel is a democracy. A democracy is a type of government where the people can take part in the decisions that affect the way their community is run. In Israel, everyone has an equal voice whether they are Jewish, Christian, Muslim or any other religion. And democracy in Israel isn't just about voting. Israelis are free to live as they wish and believe whatever they want.

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