Enduring Understandings:

You will understand that...

  • Israel is the Jewish homeland and has been for 4,000 years

  • Israel is a vibrant democracy in a troubled region

  • Israel is an ancient land and a high-tech giant

Essential Questions:

What do you think?

  • How is Israel both a Jewish state and a democratic state?

  • How can Israel be both a homeland for the Jews and a welcoming country to all peoples?

  • How is Israel's diversity a source of strength?

I can show my understanding that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and that the Kotel is in Jerusalem

The capital of Israel is Jerusalem. Jerusalem has both an "old city" and a "new city." The "new city" is modern and is where the Knesset, the Israeli government meets. The "old city" is very old and is where the Kotel (Western Wall) is.

I can name three elements that make Israel uniquely Jewish.

  1. Hebrew is one of the two official languages of Israel (the other is Arabic.)

  2. Jews have lived in Israel for thousands of years since Abraham and Sarah.

  3. Most buses and trains stop on Shabbat and holidays. Many stores are closed also.


What other things make Israel uniquely Jewish?

I can explain what the Knesset is and its main functions

The Knesset is the branch of government in Israel that makes the laws. The Knesset is like the Congress in the United States. There are 120 people who serve in the Knesset and one of them gets to be Prime Minister. The Prime Minister in Israel is a little bit like the President of the United States. (There is a President of Israel but that job isn't as important as the Prime Minister.)

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